Chiringuitas Sandals are handmade sandals made in Brazil by the Brazilian company Chiringuitas Ibiza. Our slippers/sandals originated in Minorca in Spain where they were used by fishermen and peasants of the island and were made of leather with rubber soles obtained from recycled tires. 

From fishermen's feet, they gained popularity with the thousands of tourists that visited the islands and wanted to take home a little of their lifestyle through their unique footwear. Our specialties are the IBIZA models, striving to achieve all the comfort and charm that your feet deserve. 

 Now our slippers have landed in Hawaii bringing a style that ranges from laid back to a more night wear style making them great to wear in any occasion.

 Our collection comes in the designs; leather, metallic leather, animal print, jeans, glitter, canvas, suede/nobuck, and python.

 Chiringuitas Sandals are the shoes that can never be missing from your wardrobe. Whether in our premium leather or special canvas, our Ibiza model will always be perfect with your outfit